Does ExpressVPN work in China?

Does ExpressVPN work in China? – Yes!

ExpressVPN works in China.

Although its official website( has been blocked for many years in China. One can always reach ExpressVPN with mirror-sites. Buy ExpressVPN there.

ExpressVPN works in China
ExpressVPN works in China

Can I download ExpressVPN from China?


You CAN download ExpressVPN from China without having a VPN in advance.

Get it before you go to China, although you can also buy it from China from one of their China-accessible mirror sites.

Best ExpressVPN servers for China

To find the best servers for China, follow what’s displayed here on your ExpressVPN client:

does ExpressVPN work in China
ExpressVPN China friendly servers

HongKong servers are the closest and usually the fastest.

US servers (e.g. LA-5) are easier to connect to and have better connection stability.

Japan/Singapore servers can be unstable in terms connectivity and speed.

UK/Australian servers are noticeably slower but can be easier to connect to sometimes.

Astrill vs Expresss in China

I never used Astrill personally. I heard about it working in China on a few Chinese forums. Some people studying abroad came back to China for family visits uses Astrill VPN to bypass the Great Fire Wall of China.

However, in terms of reach-ability. Astrill falls behind ExpressVPN.

You can’t buy Astrill directly from China without having connecting to another VPN first. Because Astrill’s site is blocked in China and they don’t care to provide mirror-sites.

While ExpressVPN has had China-accessible mirror-sites for 10+ years.

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